Author: Rogelio Enriquez-Ordonez

i like music, movies, sports and a good education (utep)

The January that starts it all

I’m still in El Paso, TX. I like it here but for sure with out a doubt this is my least semester here. Nothing wrong here i actually like it here but i want to move some where else.
I’ve decided if there’s nothing as i graduate, post graduation then i go back to Grand Rapids Michigan to work in construction. otherwise I’m open to any job offers.
Florida for my parents to pay back there dues plus the weather is great
Chicago radio and film industry looks nice a place to live would be great in that market
El Paso and Grand Rapids have a great market for me
Phoenix i’ve been there once and i like it.

These places are not preferences  it just so happens i know people there to help me out if it just so happens i go there nothing is holding me down to relocate.
I figure if it happens that i must go to Big sky country then so be it or the city of angels okay… even New York, Kansas City, Portland from small to big a job is nice anywhere for me.

Hopefully with NPR helping me out this semester i can get somewhere i owe them and UCC a big THANK YOU.


Whoa! wait a minute

As the year 2013 keeps going, i’ve noticed its already june and so fast it is. I’m trying to finish higher education in december, for the moment i’m in Michigan. For the summer i will be in Michigan (jumping back to Illinois from time to time) working with roger and jesus in construction. so far the Cubs have lost Bulls have lost and the Blackhawks look good. i’ve seen most of my family so far and i’m having a pretty good time however, the weather can be better. (El Paso)

the day after

so the bears lost yesterday and i feel let down but im okay except for the packer fans that came out of the wood work yeah right
well the blackhawks and the bulls are left but its break time for me when my fire and cubs start again
school is good but just getting started

right now at the moment

so the bulls are out of the playoff’s, the blackhawks are about to play the canucks, cubs and sox are off and the fire is on a good run.
im also going back home from5/16-6/05 im going to do summer 1 and summer 2 so if all is well than thats it

p.s. i got two votes today 4/29/10 for my doc. that ursurla and i did maybe ill give this FF a chance