Genre Analysis

The genre analysis essay consists of compare and contrast from both posters comics. The two genres have shown their form of communication all over the world. Both genres have examples of ethos, pathos, and logos. The two comparisons of posters and comics are very much a like yet, different. The essay will give examples from several different perspectives. Such as: compare and contrast, ethos, pathos and logos, the true meaning behind both of the genres. Also include how the genres are effective as to becoming interesting, attracting attention and the main idea of comics and posters. Comics are one of the most collectable items in the present, the comics since the start of their time have attracted so many people: kids, adults, any body no matter what race nor gender not even age. Comics now are collectables and some new more modern stories have been created, and old ones are no longer continued, yet are of more value. The question is why are comics very successful? Posters, when a film no matter what type: independent, documentary or a major blockbuster film. A poster will always grab someone’s attention. Reason being, that someone’s curiosity and add the detail from the poster, somebody will look at the poster and may or may not see the film. The idea would be to promote the film in a particular form of communication, to send a message to anyone who gives the poster attention. Again, why is the poster very successful?

Comics and posters are two different genres that express a form of communication. The creativity of both forms would attract a by passers outside of a movie theatre or a book reader passing the comic book store. Posters and comics are a type of way of communicating with the people in general.

Posters are made to send a quick message put to the public, whether it is to promote, recruit, or just a plan sign. Posters can be seen everywhere all over the world, on every corner, simply anywhere you turn your head. Here are some examples of posters and the location. Movie poster can be found in malls and/bus stops. Safety hazard poster in every working environment (offices, restaurant, schools etc.)  A promotional poster for a sale and an event could be found on windows of a local business, school message boards, and on transportation. A message of a poster can be very thought out and have a meaning or of a quick and simple message. For instance: a simple for sale sign and only reads for sale the message is that particular item is on sale. A party promoter hands you a poster the poster is creative and the card reads come to party to enjoy a good time. Two different messages with no rue value or meaning and then those that do have exactly that. Posters have a very noticeable history. Posters were made to recruit soldiers for any war that had happened. Poster with bold, yet simple messages had grown to become popular globally. The American war posters with such characters as “Rosie the Riveter”, and “Uncle Sam”, carried simple messages. On the other side Germany and Italy also had their own posters and probably before the United States had joined. Again, simple, yet a bold message of recruitment. With political posters such as the poster mentioned in the above text, can be questioned upon its moral. Whether or not its right or wrong to express this type of message or even have the poster posted.

Comics, comics when a person thinks of comics what does that person thinks of, Comic books, comics in the newspaper, or in modern days the comic convention. A person would also think drawings, the jokes or small little story. From other newspaper comics or “funnies” “The Boondocks” created by, “Aaron McGruder” and is in the Chicago Tribune newspaper. The short strip comic has around five different scenes and will include the three main characters (Riley, Huey, and Robert Freeman.) the three are all related they live in an all white suburban neighborhood. The Freeman family consists of two African-American brothers who live with the grandfather a war veteran and had recently moved from the south side of Chicago. This particular comic attracted so much attention the comic was turned into an animated cartoon series on adult swim. Reason being on cartoons networks late night. Is the cartoon is filled with mature content.

Comic books would be the case if the word comic were heard. The quick assumption of “D.C. Comics” or “Marvel comics” would be talked upon when the term comics’ is said aloud. Graphic novels are sometimes thought of with comics. For instance “Persepolis” written by, “Marjane Satrapi” is a graphic novel more so when read as if the book were a comic book itself.

Another example, “Watchmen” written by, “Alan Moore” the book seems as if the several editions of the comic were put together into one. Comics are filled with stories; “Batman” has several stories fighting against his enemy “The Joker.” “Superman” has his fair share of enemies “Lex Luther the Greatest criminal mastermind of all kind” and kryptonite would be “the man of steal’s” weakness. These are two of many more comic book characters. The characters start has started out as comic book heroes. In the present the two comic book characters have become iconic characters.


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