Opinion Piece

Organ Donation, Artificial or Real, Your Choice?

Organ donation is a big issue worldwide. Many people need an organ transplant; the way to receive one is through an organ donor. Unfortunately the demand of transplants is high and there are not enough donors. There is the option of artificial organs yet the technology has only allowed the development of several artificial organs. The moral issue on transplants is both political and religious for both real and artificial organs.

For policy artificial organs should be the first option to patients. The idea is to make them affordable to everyone.

For the religious view one might say that the creation of artificial organs is wrong for trying to play god. Political views on the subject would be for; if transplants are in demand so politically they have to take action for the people. After all politics work for the people, usually telling people what they will do for them if they vote for that specific politician. There are four religions that are against organ donation one being the Orthodox Jewish for the reasoning on mutilating a corpse. As to the rest of the religions such as: Catholicism, Christianity, and Hinduism to name a few, are pro organ donation. This means every religion besides: Orthodox Jewish, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Christian Scientists, and the Shinto faith, are pro organ donation.

The political view would be on the same basis, as a scientist would think, however, things need to be right all the time. Artificial organs are limited there really is the artificial heart, Corneas, and vascular grafts. These are just three of very few. The idea of a politician would be to have every organ that can be made or have an artificial counterpart then the politician is pro artificial organs. Politically if anything happens the reputation looks bad. There are some organs that cannot be duplicated as to the kidney. The kidney is in demand and the options are real organ transplant, dialysis or nothing at all.

The overall idea for politics is if an artificial organ works then the agreement is reached on allowing artificial organs as an option of transplants and so December second came by in the year nineteen eighty-two a dentist needed a heart he chose the artificial heart. The artificial heart at the end of the day worked. As for the religious view there is some extent to pro organ donation yet for artificial organs there no agreement. I am pro organ donation as well as artificial organs. If one day there was an election and a candidate was pro artificial organs, and the other was against artificial organs. If the election came down to the candidate being for or against artificial organs, I would vote for the candidate on artificial organs. I’m a democrat and a catholic I would vote pro. Science has proved that the artificial heart works. As to religion I’m sure that god would want us to improve in life overall, god wouldn’t mind me getting a new heart is I needed one nor would he mind if I needed my vision to work so I could get new corneas.

In conclusion, artificial organs are okay if they work. Barney Clark (the dentist) needed a heart he received an artificial heart in 1982. Organ donation is approved by the Catholic religion as an action of charity and the Christian church (Disciples of Christ) look at it as being created by god, they must share them selves in the name of god. Therefore “the Christian church entourage’s organ donation and tissue donation” (organdonar.gov) Hinduism follows by word of mouth of their own mythology of body parts being used to help another. What I’m really trying to express is, both religion and law both agree on organ donation something that I agree on and believe can make the world a better place.


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